A Tribute To The Queen Of Curve

by Janét Aizenstros


It's funny when people interview me they ask me, "If I wasn't building my company, what else would I have been?" I respond by saying, "an architect." They look at me shocked though if they knew my complete story it would make sense. 

As a child, I loved playing with Lego. Actually, I still play with it today with the scattered pieces my kids continually leave in my office. While most girls my age were playing with dolls, I was sketching house designs in my notepad/journal my dad gave to me. I spent endless hours drawing out my houses then trying to implement my designs with Lego. Sometimes my sketches worked out and sometimes they didn't. It didn't matter because in those moments of building, designing and creating....I was free.

I remember when I was 8 years old being at the bookstore and being introduced to my first copy of Architectural Digest. I remember turning the pages and being fascinated by the furniture, the shapes and colour. While browsing through the magazine I came across the name Zaha Hadid. As I read the short article it mentioned she was a successful woman architect. I was fascinated that a woman could be an architect. I was inspired by this woman from that day forward that a girl I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up. 

After learning a woman could be an architect, I developed a real love and appreciation for architectural design. I began following Zaha's career and being so inspired by the awards she received. Meanwhile, I never pursued the career of becoming an architect, I learned that the woman who inspired me to see the world in shapes is now gone. Though, the lost of her is very sad, I know her legacy will always live in her art and the memories of those she inspired with her passion. 

What she gave to the world was groundbreaking architectural innovation but what she gave to the 8 year old me was the belief that any woman can be anything she ever wanted to be. 

I thank Zaha for the gift of teaching me to always believe in the power of me. I am not surprised that I started Ahava Media Group. It has become my place to build, design and create freedom.


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