Differentiating Between The Creative Agency and the Digital Agency


Design has existed for as long as advertising. The former has always been at the fore of the latter, playing a very important role in its success. Design can be subtle, bold, ordinary, eye-catching, spectacular and so on. It could be a simple logo or a symbol of all colors, what cannot be denied of its importance in advertising. This inclination towards design explains the reason creative agencies keep thriving in the midst of the fierce advertising competition.

The rise of other advertising outlets has however seen creative agencies pushed down the pecking order, particularly the digital agencies. The advent of digital agencies has reduced the use of creative agencies due to the effectiveness of the former. This does not totally strike out creative agencies though because designs cannot be overlooked or discarded. This has put many marketers in uncertainty, finding themselves confused on which of the agencies would suit their businesses better.

We will therefore be highlighting the differences between these two agencies in order for you to know the better option for you. However, first things first, what do these agencies mean?

Creative Agencies

The primary emphasis of these agencies is on design and graphics. More often than not, they offer printing services for designs. Basically, they are specialized on marketing, designing and branding. They handle the designs of impressive logos, emblems, letterheads, business cards and branding image, altogether achieving a wonderful display of graphics. These agencies are filled with creative personnels. In fact, a mere glance at their career page shows how well they emphasize on creativity.

Digital Agencies

These agencies focus on the technical, creative and strategic protocols of online products and services. A fully operational digital agency would also engage in SEO optimization, CRM marketing, paid search, e-advertising, e-commerce consultancy and web design. 

It should be noted that there are some digital agencies that engage in commercial services only, outsourcing the technical and production services. Some agencies prefer this approach. However, the choice would depend on you. Would you rather go for an agency that performs all its activities using its internal expert resources or an agency that acts as a consultant only, outsourcing the other services?


These days, many firms prefer online to offline advertisement. And taking a look at these statistics obtained by Smart Insights, the firms are justified:

  • More than 600 million users are active on Instagram.

  • Since 2016, Snapchat has 150 million active users daily.

  • Twitter generates more than 500 million tweets daily.

  • Facebook has 1.86 billion users.

  • Email has over 2.586 billion users.

These numbers will keep rising. That should explain the increase in the use of digital agencies. For a lesser fee, you can reach out to a wider coverage than you ever would do offline. What's more, the services are carefully mapped to ensure that your content goes viral.


Many will argue against the use of creative agencies due to the services digital agencies offer at lower costs. Still, creative agencies have their unique benefits. For designs, they cannot be replaced. Even for online advertising, some products or brands require a eye-catching design in order to trend. This shows why creative agencies cannot be totally replaced.


Although digital agencies yield a lot of influence, creative agencies cannot be written off. We would readily advise digital agencies and at the same time, recommend that you have a little expenditure set for creative agencies. Proper use of the two will make your advertising a major hit.