Artificial Intelligence - A Perfect Tool For Marketing


Artificial Intelligence marketing has the same aims as all other marketing strategies, no doubt. Where it, however, stands out is in the prediction of the next moves of the market with much ease. With the introduction of AI marketing solutions, your journey and that of your customers have never been easier.

Already, due to the strong return on investments, some AI-integrated-firms and many companies have incorporated the use of AI technologies. In fact, come 2021, the expected amount of money companies will be spending on AI platforms is $57 billion. However, the possession of a weapon without the required knowledge for use is equivalent to not owning the weapon. It is, therefore, necessary that we look at the ways AI can improve your marketing strategies.

1. The Buyer's Personality

The foremost commandment in the marketing bible is "know thy buyer". From annual researches that have been conducted on a group of 4000 customers on the facets of a social media site, products reviews, and AI views, it has been ascertained that knowing your buyer's values and beliefs will definitely aid your marketing course.

Well, AI to the rescue! AI is just perfect for garnering information from your buyer's online activities to create a precise persona. Your marketing department will have a vivid understanding of the buyer's needs and buying habits with the brilliant profiling AI offers. This will also cut costs on marketing. SociaBakers is a suggested example.

2. Customer Service

All customers want the assurance that their questions, queries, and requests will be appropriately met by the companies they deal with. In fact, the better your customer support team can treat customers, the deeper the customer loyalty. A firm without customer loyalty will definitely go out of business, the variable is when. This is perfectly handled by the intelligent AI chatbots. These bots are swift in reviewing the past information of customers in order to use them to solve present and future issues. All customer concerns are duly recognized and speedily resolved with AI chatbots.

An AI chatbot maintains an unassailable significance over its human counterpart due to its ability to access customers history and experiences without ever forgetting. A recommended pick for this purpose is Boldchat.

3. Content Creation And Optimization

Of course, humans are not machines, and may at times not create content that can thrive in the marketing world. Leave that to AI. Wordsmith is an invention that restructures drafts into contents of excellent quality. However, the use of this bot is limited due to the rigid format it has to follow. That should not count much though because there are a few reputable writing agencies that use Wordsmith. An example is Yahoo which uses it for the creation of its Fantasy Football Drafts.

4. Sales

AI bots can be your best sales representatives online. The suggestions added by these bots are often impossible to overlook. This is attributed to the fact that the suggestions are tailored based on past purchases and support questions. Many fashion titans are already making UAE of this option, prominently the H&M apparel. These bots have the fashion intuition that is absent in their human counterparts. With trained questions and suggestions, they guide unsuspecting customers into checking out of their carts.