We will help you become a thought leader in your space - which will bring more sales, revenue, and opportunities for growth.

We use PR-related hacks to grow your business. The media and influencer connections and placements you gain will give you the authority and exposure which will lead to...


Bigger Launches . Bigger Speaking Engagements. 

Connections & Relationships in super valuable networks.



  • Video Library: Massive PR for startups
  • LIVE media coaching with a PR/authority expert
  • Media monitoring
  • Video Library: Twitter Publicity Mastery
  • VIP media database
  • Community and networking access
  • Media monitoring
  • Email support
  • Press kit builder
  • Pitch ideas
  • Become Twitter famous
  • Alerts when you are mentioned
  • PR and authority audit
  • We train your VA
  • Enhanced media inquiry alerts
  • Get personal contact info for media / influencers
  • 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation
  • LinkedIn authority review
  • Website authority review
  • We pitch you to 500+ podcasters
  • Guaranteed 150 press release placements
  • Personal introductions to podcasters

Places Our Clients Have Been Seen


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