Devin is a visionary.  His passion for scaling businesses began working alongside his late father and older brother in their family business. After graduating from Yale with a degree in Economics and a MBA from Harvard, he decided to assume the role of COO over an operation of 50 people in Houston, Texas. Throughout his career, Devin has had the opportunity to work with companies such as Exxon, Texaco, Rosneft, Abu Dhabi National Oil, Nigerian National Petroleum and more. 


Noel M., Marketing MA., MBA - ENTREPRENEUR

Noel is the VP of Operations of Ahava Digital Group. He is a serial entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing from Yale and a MBA from Harvard. His passion for entrepreneurship began in childhood. He started his first business at the age of 10 with his brother Devin, selling basketball cards for profit on the playground. Noel, upon graduating from Harvard joined his brothers in the family business. He has had the opportunity to work with most major governments and corporations worldwide. He has worked with Goldman Sachs, the United States and Saudi Arabian governments and more.